Want Quick Cash? Recycle Your Phone at a Self-Serve Kiosk

How many mobile phones do you have collecting dust in your back cupboard? It’s likely you have at least one, according to research. The average amount of mobile phones in a UK household is 5, as not many of us are recycling them like we should do.

UK consumers should now find it easier to recycle their phones as serve recyclable phone kiosks are being introduced as part of a new scheme.

Re-commerce company, Gazelle, is introducing 18 self-recycle kiosks across the UK to make it easier for people to recycle their mobile phones. So far the company has prevented more than 19 million phones from being sent to landfill in the US and plans to do the same in the UK.

The kiosks are opening up at some shopping centres, including Westfields branches in London and Morrisons. Over time, more kiosks will roll out across other major supermarkets in the near future. The kiosks will provide consumers with an easy way to recycle your old phones, help the environment and give you an instant payout in your pocket.

How big is the problem?

An incredible 45 million tons of computers, televisions, mobile phones and other electronic goods are thrown away every year, according to The United Nations University, with a lot of this going to landfill sites. This presents a lot of resources that could go to other uses, cutting down on wastage.

Commenting on the scheme, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Yanyan Ji, said: “With no salesperson and no wait — you receive funds on the spot, for devices you no longer use, while reducing the scourge of electronic waste.

How can people recycle their phones at the moment?

There are many businesses offering recycling schemes for people to recycle their phones. This involves including the make and model details and sticking an old phone in a self-addressed envelope and posting it off. This system can often discourage consumers from recycling their phones, as it can seem time-consuming and involved.

With a kiosk, it’s a scheme that enabled you to quickly recycle your phone on the way to work or while out shopping, while also giving you some instant cash.

How valuable are old mobile phones?

, being reused for other electrical items that can be sold again. Mobiles are even home to some precious metals, including silver and copper, which could be extracted from a phone and repurposed for other items. More so, according to recycling comparison site Compare and Recycle. This shows just how valuable the materials used for a mobile phone could be very useful when it comes to helping the environment.

How the kiosks work

Rather than going through your phone’s specs and carefully packaging it to send off, the kiosks offer more convenience and speediness. Simply place your phone into the machine and its technology will identify the type of phone you have, tell you its value and give you a fair amount, dispensing the cash there and then. Gazelle then collect the recyclable phones from kiosks to refurbish or recycle the phones for other uses.

About Gazelle in the UK:

kiosks reduce electronic waste and finds value in used electronics, helping to reduce the amount of items that end up in landfill. The kiosks are simple to use, efficient and provide instant payment for smart recycling.



Content Writer | Accredited Career Coach and Mentor| Creating mid-life career change happiness

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Emma L

Emma L

Content Writer | Accredited Career Coach and Mentor| Creating mid-life career change happiness