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Tips to build your first 100 followers

Emma L


Who will be the 100th?!!

99 followers and one to go!

It’s no fun winning straight away.

It’s all about the challenge: Getting new material, telling your stories and marketing yourself is a job in itself. But, finding the right audience who want to read and share your stories can be done with some decent strategies in place.

Now that Medium says you need 100 followers before you can join its partnership scheme, it’s a bit of a challenge for only the most motivated and it can be done.

And it’s all about the journey.

If we got everything we wanted straight away with zero effort, where would the fun be in that?

We appreciate the wins so much more when we’ve put in a bit of hard work.

And, on that note, I’ll leave a few tips to help you reach your first 100 (or few 100) followers….

Tag me

As you write new material, I’ll be sure to read it and add in a comment and a clap or two. I can also recommend your story to people I think will find it interesting.

Get your story in a publication

Add your piece to one of Medium’s online publications

about your niche topic. Accepted, it’ll be shared and read to an even bigger audience.

Get the right followers

No matter how much you want those first 100 followers, you want it to be the right audience. Or, at least the kind of people who will look forward to reading your stories. You can do this by asking for shares and recommendations.

Use one or two social media channels

I know it’s been said a million times before, but make the most of social media to market your stories. Choose one channel you find most effective and stick with it. Spreading yourself too thinly over several channels will only wear you out and won’t be worth it.

Choose one social media channel and do it well — two at most. Post your stories to your pages a few times a week, making use of hashtags and tagging in people you know.

And, finally…

If you like at least one or two of my articles, please support me by following me and I’ll follow you back. But…I would really like it if you could follow me because there is something you like about my writing, too!

If my style of writing or the topics aren’t really your thing, I’d really appreciate you sharing with somebody you think it would be of interest to!

If we all won straight away, it wouldn’t be half as fun….

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