While Costa took green steps to become the UK’s first coffee provider to recycle up to 500 million cups by the end of 2020, many businesses are taking similar action.

Recyclable cups, customers bringing in their own and banning plastic straws are part of the ways that the hospitality industry is going all out on going green.

But, even with the smallest of eateries, it is often felt there isn’t the budget available to go greener, with many products being more costly than some others. However, there are catering supplies in theindustry that are becoming more affordable, or can be reused, without the need for continuous replacements.

But, even conscious effort to make a small step counts towards helping with operating a more sustainable business and can help to raising a business profile to make them stand out.

Greener Customers

Customers are encouraged to be greener, too, through discounted coffee for bringing in their own cups and being given recycling bins actually in-store.

There are waste management companies that collect products for recycling and have the facilities to separate materials, campaigns to help restaurants and cafes cut down on food waste.

So could your catering business be greener?

Or does investing in eco-friendly supplies fill you with thoughts of expense?

There is the perception that investing in greener supplies or changing working practises can mean more expenses — an option many smaller businesses and start-ups can afford to consider.

But there are many options available to caterers and by starting to make small changes, can add to the journey of making the hospitality industry greener:


VegWare, now a much more well-known brand, provides plant-based plastic products, including food trays, containers and hot drink cups. Its products are made from a mix of trees, sugar cane and corn. To ensure items are compostable in a short space of time, it also provides a way for items to be taken to its industrial compost sites based a wide variety of sites across the UK. For more info, visit here.

RR Packaging

As well as using plant-based plastics, RR Packaging uses a range of other materials to make its catering supplies — everything from recycled paper and corrugated board — even limestone!

It uses these compostable materials to make its range of bowls, pots, containers, cups and napkins. Their products can be tailored to your brand, too! You can find these guys by visiting here.

Street Food Packaging

To encourage street food caterers in their journey towards becoming greener, it has a range of compostable coffee cups, sandwich bags and burger boxes. There are also eco-friendly cleaning products available. The supplier even has a blog sharing useful information about how suppliers can improve on marketing strategies and use their green initiatives to benefit their business.


Cornware bases all its tableware, including cutlery, plates and utensils, on a type of bioplastic made from corn starch that’s much easier to break down than conventional plastics. As Origo consists of 70% starch, it means it creates a lot less carbon dioxide once thrown away or incinerated.

Green Man

Offering both fully-customisable and generic products, Green Man Packaging has proven to be a greener alternative to eco-friendly wholesale supplies. Its fully compostable range is made of 100% plant-based materials, including sugar cane, recycled paper pulp cornstarch.

There’s a range of affordable and sustainable supplies out there that will go towards raising the bar on your eco-friendly factor, which will also raise your profile and brand, joining the many others businesses in the eco-friendly movement.

Green Catering Suppliers is Just the Start

From the tonnes of cups recycled by Costa, there are still many cups used in hospitality that can’t yet be recycled because they’re made from an added layer of polyethylene, a type of plastic, to strengthen the cup. This stops a cup from being recycled because the materials can’t be separated

However, making greener decisions in your business and opting for more sustainable products can be a starting point. Fewer products will end up in the Neverland of landfill, more will be biodegradable and help towards being kinder to the environment.

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