Yep, you heard it right. My first email from Medium landed in my inbox about paying my earnings.

Wait a minute….earnings? It’s got to be a mistake, right?

I have very few followers and very few stories, so that can’t be right.

Thinking it was some sort of automated message, I checked the link and saw that, sure enough, I have some earnings from my Medium account.

60 cents in total over the last two months.


I know you’re probably thinking that’s not a lot, and you’d be right. It’s not a lot at all. …

Scientists and brewers are finding genius ways of putting all those grains to good use after making your favourite craft beers.

Image by uirá uirá from Pixabay

Where the barrage of Christmas tradition drinking goes into full swing, breweries raise their production levels in time to meet demand.

With around two-thirds of drinkers in the UK collectively consuming more alcohol at Christmas and New Year than any other time, brewers create plenty from waste from the barley, yeast and grains used in the brewing process, otherwise known as ‘spent’ grains.

As breweries and producers produce the extra stock for the season, the substantial amount of added waste exceeds what they could possibly handle. What’s more, breweries have grown in numbers over the years, with artisan breweries popping…

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

As soon as I told the mortgage broker I have my own business, I got that long stare followed by silence.


That look of doubt and I could see the thoughts going through his head: 'Here we go again. A so-called ‘freelancer’ with no consistent income.’

Straight away, I know the chance of getting a mortgage with a reasonable interest rate was somewhere between low and zero. Or any mortgage at all!

Of course, mortgage providers and lenders favour applicants working in a permanent job over somebody who’s self-employed or freelancing.

And why wouldn’t they? They want an applicant…

Around 3 million tonnes of EXTRA waste is created at Christmas with the hoards of wrapping paper, Christmas cards, unwanted presents and plastic packaging. That’s without mentioning the food waste and broken decorations that get stepped on and thrown away.

Many shoppers are becoming increasingly aware of climate change, the need to recycle and use less plastic. With Christmas round the corner, there’s plenty of eco-friendly gift ideas popping up everywhere.

While there are much bigger changes to be made to lifestyles and to the backends of business operations, we can all do our part to

Besides, making changes to…

The talk around printing your very own pair of trainers or a new saucepan set has been a hot topic when it comes to 3D printing. But, aside from being an amazing way of creating whatever item your heart desires, the 3D printing can also go a long way to helping solve much greater problems — even world hunger and pollution.

Part of the additive manufacturing industry, it works from a computerised, digital design to create a product one layer at a time.

With the pandemic ongoing, many 3D printing companies are reaching out to assist with raising money to…

Businesses the world over are now having to rethink how they run, rejigging team and client meetings, paperwork and briefings.

With isolation comes transformation.

Lockdown doesn’t have to mean shutdown.

You can keep your business running and communication lines open with your team while everyone is working from home.

As working from home becomes the new norm for many, it’s time to think about how to organise your calls and meetings remotely. Face-to-face meetings, at least for the moment, is just not an option. You can have staff meetings, one-to-ones, presentations and even easily share files.

Here’s a guide to…

The way to getting more work as a creative professional is not always about direct selling, marketing or pitching a buyer, as some people may imagine. How you conduct business, promote your story and go about building relationships plays a large part in you achieving more clients that not only become customers, but stay with you in the future.

Achieving these projects is a long-term process, and it’s good to know that taking the time to build relationships will pay off. It is about being more than just a salesperson or somebody that wants somebody to invest in your product.

Want Quick Cash? Recycle Your Phone at a Self-Serve Kiosk

How many mobile phones do you have collecting dust in your back cupboard? It’s likely you have at least one, according to research. The average amount of mobile phones in a UK household is 5, as not many of us are recycling them like we should do.

UK consumers should now find it easier to recycle their phones as serve recyclable phone kiosks are being introduced as part of a new scheme.

Re-commerce company, Gazelle, is introducing 18 self-recycle kiosks across the UK to make it easier for people to…

6 Awesome Food Festivals to Get Your Teeth Into

Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian or just love your meat, we all love a good food fest. The chance to try out new nosh, tantalising textures or just eat on something sweet to tickle your tastebuds while catching in to some great entertainment.

Here’s a guide to some awesome food festivals being served up this year:

London Brunch Fest

‘Let’s do brunch’ has become a common phrase when you’ve just laid in too long for breakfast — it’s become part of a lifestyle! And there’s some really delicious options out there, too…

While Costa took green steps to become the UK’s first coffee provider to recycle up to 500 million cups by the end of 2020, many businesses are taking similar action.

Recyclable cups, customers bringing in their own and banning plastic straws are part of the ways that the hospitality industry is going all out on going green.

But, even with the smallest of eateries, it is often felt there isn’t the budget available to go greener, with many products being more costly than some others. …

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